What we do

Colorado Referral Systems, Inc. is a referral-only real estate brokerage based in the State of Colorado. We work with licensed agents who are not currently engaged in selling, but who want to leverage their customer pipelines to create extra income through the awesome power of client referrals.

We give you the ability to retire or take a break from the business, while still being able to benefit from the years you spent building your real estate practice. You can refer deals to a realtor of your choosing or connect with one of our many trusted agents. You’ve spent a lot of time, money, and sweat equity building your business and getting your license don’t let it go to waste! Keep your license active and generate real income through our agent-focused referral service.  

We’re a completely independent brokerage, which means you’re able to place your referral with the agent of your choice. You can refer a wide range of deals, including residential, commercial, new construction, and land deals, in any state in the country and you can even refer your own property purchases and sales. A 25% referral of a $500k property will put $3,400 net in your pocket. If you refer a client or yourself to a new home builder, you can earn a 3% builder referral commission which is $13,500 net to you on a $500,000 home. Rather than letting your asset (real estate license) sit idle, why not leverage it to create some wealth?

What Makes a Referral Agent Different?

Referrals are common in the real estate space. Whether it’s a referral to an agent who specializes in a certain type of property or a referral to an agent outside of your geographic area, it’s a common practice in the industry. Referral agents are those agents who operate strictly on a referral basis, i.e. they create value by acting as a bridge between buyers, sellers, and qualified real estate agents. They refer clients to other real estate agents who then manage the transaction. Real estate referral agents then collect a portion of the commission after the transaction closes. 

This niche is particularly appealing for full-time agents that are looking to transition out of working in the real estate business full time. That might be for any number of reasons, including a change of careers, retirement, or just taking some time off for yourself. Keep in mind that brokerage fees add up and if you’re no longer able to justify that expense, consider hanging your license with a referral agency, like Colorado Referral Systems. You can not only keep your hard-earned real estate license active, but you can also continue to benefit from your years of hard work in the real estate space.

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