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Referral agents are licensed real estate agents that refer clients to other agents to start a real estate transaction-they are limited to a referral role, and do not actively engage in the sale of real property.

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Who is eligible to join? 
If you’re not currently involved in the active selling of real estate, but you still want to keep your license active, you’d be a great candidate. Regardless, you’ll still be able to refer your friends, family, and existing customers to any agent or brokerage anywhere in the world. If you don’t personally know an agent in the desired area, we’ll connect you with a licensed professional who will go the distance for your referral.  

Are newly licensed agents eligible? 
Definitely- we’re proud to work with many newly licensed agents.  

Do referrals have to go to a specific agent? 
Nope. You’ve got the ability to refer your lead to any brokerage or agent anywhere in the world. But we do maintain a database of trusted realtors that you can utilize if the need arises.  

Are there continued CE education requirements? 
Yes. All of our agents are mandated to keep an active license with DORA, which requires taking required CE education as a condition for renewal.  

What ifI want to start selling real estate again?  No problem! Simply email us and file a new transfer application that’s been signed by your new broker.

How do you pay out referrals? 
After your referral closes, and we receive the commission, we’ll send your funds via electronic transfer or physical check-the choice is yours. At the end of the year, you’ll receive a 1099 in the mail to report your earnings to the IRS- no taxes will be deducted on our end.

How do I activate my license and join Colorado Referral Systems? 
It’s easy! Head to our website, click the “Sign Up” button and put in your info. After that’s submitted, we’ll send you a digitally sign-able email with all of the documents you’ll need to transfer your license to Colorado Referral Systems.
-OfficePolicy Manual
-IndependentContractor Agreement

Can I be the agent on my own real estate transaction?  
Unfortunately, no, but you’ve still got the ability to refer yourself and earn a commission! This is one of the primary benefits of keeping your license active. Many of our agents have negotiated up to a 60% referral (or more) on their own purchase or sale. Additionally, the FSBO option is always available to you if you’re listing your own home or property.  

How do new construction property referrals work? 
New construction property referrals go something like this: after referring any customer (or referring yourself) to purchase a new build property you’ll sign a “builder referral commission agreement.” In most cases, builders offer a 3% referral commission on the sales price, minus upgrades. Our firm charges 10% on ALL builder referrals.  

Do I need to pay any REALTOR Fees for joining? 
Nope. You don’t need to be a member of any board of realtors or MLS service to work with us.Additionally, you won’t need to pay any monthly office fees. Our office is 100% virtual, which means there are no meetings to attend, sales quotas to hit, or obligations of your time. We do have an annual membership for hanging your license with our firm, $195 a year.

How do I place a referral? 
It’s easy! Just fill out this referral form or give us a call at 719-540-4618 

What is the split for a paid referral to Colorado Referral Systems?
We’re proud to have the most competitive split out of all the referral agent brokers in the state of Colorado. Our fee on closed referrals ranges from 5-20% and is structured in a way that puts more money in your pocket.
For instance: 
- If your check comes in at $5,000 or less, we charge $350.
- If your check comes in at $5,000-$10,000, we charge $600. 
- If your check comes in at  $10,000 - $20,000, we charge $800. 
- If your check comes in at  $20,000 or over, we charge $1,600. 

Most referral agent brokers charge somewhere between a 20-40% flat fee. Our fee structure was purpose-built to ensure that the average referral almost always falls under 10%, with larger referrals dropping down to 5% gain, putting more money in your pocket.    

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